MDS Ultrabag 580g OF DESERT TECHNOLOGY (weight of the bag naked)

From your training grounds to the endless desert, it will follow you everywhere because it is ....

Included options and accessories:
- Autonomous 4L front-pack
- Rain-reflective cover
- Multi-position flask-carrier
- 2 x 750ml flask with drinking tube
- MP3 holder (can also serve as rubbish bin)
- 2 detachable straps for floor mat
- Interior detachable mesh pocket for separating heavy items
- extractable comfort back-foam
- 2 detachable tropicalized 0.5L front pockets.


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189,00 €


270 ° opening. Highly resistant zipper closure which allows you to view and access the entire contents of the bag.

Compressibility of from 20 to 4 liter:   Two side compression elastics adjust the volume of the bag to the items carried inside.  For a better fit.

Rain reflective cover:  Removable, placed in a pocket under the backpack, the rain reflective cover deploys easily and without needing to stop. It is also a reflective safety accessory, for you to be seen during your trainings at night.Weight : 40 grs

Weight : 90 grs

Multi-position flask-carriers: With three snaps and two straps, water bottle flasks remain attached to their ties even at fast run. Four locations on the backpack, two on the front-pack, all adjustable in height.Weight : 40 grs x 2

Storage for walking sticks, distress flares or rockets:  Originally planned to store the distress flare (rocket) of the Marathon des Sables, it is also suitable for storing walking sticks.

Special fasteners for Marathon Des Sable race number bib:  Suitable for MDS bibs eyelets, the attachment system meets the rules of the race and prevents damage to your bag with pins.

Tie straps for floor mats or down sleeping bag ... Located under the backpack, they can withdraw.

 Comfortable and Ergonomic

Rectangular. As all rescue units know, from firemen to rescue squads at sea or in the mountains, only the rectangular format allows easy and fast access, and a rational storage.

Suitable for all body types. The wide and ventilated shoulder straps suit all types of morphologies. Happily tested by runners from 45 kg to 120 kg. A rail allows to move the chest strap according to one's chest size.

Lightweight bag and accessories. Each fabric, each hanging/hooking system, each accessory must be as light as possible without sacrificing strength. We selected the most hi-tech components from the market to meet these criteria.

Removable mesh pocket dividing the charges. Clipped at the top of the central compartment of the bag, a mesh pocket can position the weight in the upper part of the bag, thereby discharging the lower part of the bag.Weight : 75 grs

4L autonomous front-pack:  Integrated to backpack for better load distribution front / rear. The front-pack can also be used alone for long training rides, some trails and become a waist bag on its own. A small version of the backpack: light, strong, stable and functional.Weight : 185 grs



Resistant materials. "Ultrabag" means the selection of materials that meet the highest standards, to make an ultra durable backpack.

Tropicalized front pockets. Two pockets at the waist to provide an opportunity for additional storage of 0.5L each. They are resistant to rain and moisture. 

Weight : 40 grs x 2

Washable fabrics. Specially designed for intensive practice of trail! You come home from a muddy training session, put your bag in the washing-machine, it will come out like new.



A hell of a look! No more 'turtle' looking outfit! Quasimodo is over! Wherever you are,  in the race, or on sandy tracks, on mountain trails, or while training, in the subway, or at the office, you will be  the fashion victim, leading the way ...


Inside mesh pocket: 75 grs

Belt pocket: 40 grs X 2

Back Foam : 45 grs

Poncho : 90 grs

Rain Cover : 40 grs

MP3 Pocket : 25 grs

Bottle carrier : 40 grs X 2

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