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UltraBag 10L


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The UltraBag 10L is a multipurpose and comfortable backpack for every of your outdoor activities. Its rectangular shape allows a fast and easy access to your equipment. Within only 10L, you can carry all you want: water bag, running sticks…


  • 270° opening : easy loading and access to the whole content
  • Padded back: optimal support and comfort
  • Compatible with many UltraBag 20L accessories
  • Water bag emplacement: pocket designed to accomodate the water bladder
  • Interior waterproof pocket: can store a rain jacket and prevent it from soaking the bag content
  • Sticks storage: for any type of stick
  • Detachable belt


  • Weight: 450 g
  • Volume: 10L
  • Dimensions: 42 x 26 x 7cm
  • One size

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