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Crowdfunding WAACycling

The WAA brand has decided to launch the crowdfunding campaign - WAA Protektor Skin® - on its own website. This collaborative project will take place on the reference website for the brand: news and products -

WAA sells its products mainly via the Internet. An interactive, fluid and 100% secure platform that allows its users to create their own personal space and pay online.

We will use this same process to finance the WAACycling campaign.

On the online WAACycling page dedicated to the Crowdfunding campaing, users will be able to select funding packages (ranging from 1 to 9), also called 'counterparts', to contribute to the WAA Protektor Skin® project. Thus, you will become 'WAA Protektors'.


The WAACycling tab at the top of the page is entirely dedicated to crowdfunding. All information on the outfit is mentioned - composition, material, benefits or innovation. Mentions such as dates and deadlines will be clearly notified.

To participate - simply create your WAA customer account on the website and answer the mandatory requests: identity, contact details, bank information...

To contribute to this collaborative WAA Protektor Skin® project, you must be at least 18 years of age. By accepting you acknowledge and are responsible for your own actions related to your account.

Your data is kept by the WAA brand and remains strictly confidential. Under no circumstance will this be shared or disclosed to third parties. Attached to our secure servers, your personal data does not present any risk of filtering.

Once your profile is established, the online WAA platform is a real communication tool. You will find your dashboard and all your personal information. Therefore, you are able to participate in the collaborative project WAACycling according to 9 different packs, all clearly detailed on the site.

Your involvement makes you a contributor and will be equal to the pack of your choice. You will receive in return the counterpart specific to the pack selected :

- Before the 15th of July 2018 for textile elements (pack 1, 2 and 3)

- Before August 31, 2018 for packs including WAA Cycling outfit (jersey, shorts or the set)

- August 24, 2018 for launch party in Paris

- Current September 2018 to meet Luc Leblanc

- August 24 or 25, 2018 Steve Chainel coaching session

- Date fixed at the end of the campaign for the VIP Caravan invitation (event in July)

The deadlines are purely informational. Although WAA aims to respect them, the brand reserves the right to modify them. Obviously, the contributors concerned will be the notified first.


Participation in WAA Protektor Skin® financing is done through a credit card. International credit cards are accepted. The currency for the Crowdfunding campaign is euros.

When you select the package of your choice and pay online, the amount will be charged to your account for the WAACycling campaign. This amount will only be allocated to the Crowdfunding project and its execution.

Thanks to its vast experience in online commercial payments, WAA masters online money transfers. When we reach the desired €60,000, the Crowdfunding campaign will have been a success, the project moves forward and all the counterparts in the packs take effect.

On the contrary, if after the 33 days of the campaign, the desired €60,000 are not reached, WAA agrees to return the initial amount of each contributor by transfer before June 15, 2018.


All contributions to any of the proposed packs are final. WAA cannot under any circumstances issue a refund during the campaign or if the Crowdfunding is a success.

A forum and comment platform is available on the Crowdfunding page. It allows contributors and users to query WAA teams and get answers related to this campaign. Only questions referring to WAA Protektor Skin® will be answered. This platform is subject to moderation. Any comments or inappropriate behavior will be deleted and the user banned from the website.

Any other subject that does not relate to this platform can be found by clicking in the tab "Chat" at the bottom right of the home page of the website

An 'Update' blog page will be available to follow the project's progress in real time. This page will be powered by the brand WAA. Its goal is to remain as transparent as possible on the WAACycling project with contributors and users.

The approach of the brand, by this Crowdfunding, reflects its very DNA. WAA is a collaborative brand and involves enthusiastic individuals in each of its adventures. Thus, it is authorized to use the WAACycling content for certain personal purposes (images, photos, videos). However, the use for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited and resides under the intellectual property of the brand.

Account deletion

It is possible to delete your account after creating it if you wish. However, this action in no way cancels the previously taken actions. If a contribution has been paid, the deletion of the account does not nullify said transaction.

Brand place

To ensure the proper functioning of the WAACycling page, the brand reserves the right to action and to intervene if necessary. These actions are motivated solely for the purpose of improving your experience within our website.

In case of slight malfunctioning of the WAACycling page, the technicians in charge of the website will do anything necessary to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

The website is based in France and is tied to the legislation in effect.