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Guaiters MDS


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Specially designed for the desert. Reinforced on the front with a zip to remove your shoe without removing the gaiter.


Make sure your shoes are CLEAN and DRY.
Set the velcro strips supplied with gaiters around the shoes, one per shoe, and cut it at the right length. The strip must not overlap.
Draw a line along the shoe to help you position the strip.
Then glue or stitch the strip around the shoe.

IMPORTANT: Glue the strips in a horizontal line (don't follow the curbs of the shoe).

If you glue the strip: It cannot be removed and you cannot make any changes later.
Use gel glue, because it is easier to use.
Apply glue all over the strip and on the shoe as well, using a spatula to avoid glue spilling.
Position strip onto shoe.
Press them together from inside and outside of the shoe to make sure it's all well glue everywhere. Let the glue dry according to glue maker's recommandations.
Make sure the strip is well glued to the shoe.

Good luck with this sensitive job, but which will brings you comfort during your MARATHON DES SABLES.


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