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The cap is an essentiel element when cycling. However simple by its aspect, it is useful in many situations. Heat, glare, snow, rainfall, the cycling cap is the multifunctional accessory par excellence. When it’s sunny, the cap protects the eyes of the cyclist and allows to avoid overheating. When the cyclist face wet conditions, it creates a necessary barrier for the head and face.

Incredibly light, the WAA Cycling Cap is the accessory which will be by your side for every ride you will do, no matter the weather. The cap is made of antibacterial fabric giving an amazing breathability and the adequate comfort to any situation. The foldable visor gives you different options of utilization, depending on your needs. The elastic band for perfect fit around the head allows to perfect the fit and to optimize the use to everyone’s morphology. The inner strengthening tape will smoothen the contact with the skin for a perfect comfort.


Thanks to the WAA Cycling Cap, impose your style without putting aside the performance and pleasure. Elegant, the black cap let appear a yellow band at the top. An efficient retro effect.

The foldable visor is made of two colors with a WAA mention on the inner part. On the sides, two logos decorate the cap. Efficient.

The WAA Cycling Cap can be wear regular or backward and is made to perfectly fit under a helmet without diminishing the absorption and evacuation of the sweat.


Brand: Waa Ultra