MDS Desert Gaiters 2.0

Lightweight, durable, easy to use and breathable


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MDS Desert Gaiters 2.0

The essential accessory for your desert adventures.

The essential sand protection for the desert

The WAA gaiters have been designed for anyone who is about to walk or run in the desert. They protect your shoes from sand and save your feet from any risk related to rubbing and small particles that may enter the shoe.

WAA gaiters are the reference gaiters for adventures like the MARATHON DES SABLES, and other races in environments with sand.




Ultra-breathable gaiters

The thin and stretchy fabric of WAA gaiters offers optimal comfort and breathability; essential qualities to accompany you in the desert.


Easy to put on and take off

Thanks to a Velcro closing system on the top of the gaiter, you can remove and put on your shoes very easily, while preserving the installation of the gaiters on the shoes.



With a reinforced front part, WAA gaiters have an excellent resistance to shocks and rubbing


One size fits all

WAA gaiters are adjustable to all sizes or models of your shoes. Discover our tips on the installation of the gaiters below.


New colors

With 5 different colors, you can match your gaiters with the rest of your outfit and accessories!.


Tips for the installation of the gaiters

The ideal is to go to a cobbler with experience, who can both sew and glue the gaiters to your shoes.

If you ever want to do it yourself, here is the information.

The gaiters must be placed on a clean and dry shoe.
- Position the black Velcro (supplied with the gaiters) on the shoe and cut the exact length, i.e. there must not be a double thickness of Velcro because the overlap of the 2 edges prevents the gluing.
We advise you to cut the corners of the scratch to avoid any risk of the gaiters coming off.
- Draw a line on the shoe which will be used as a guide to put the scratch. This line is only a reference.
Be careful, the line between the back and the front of the shoe must be straight and must not follow the shape of the shoe, which is curved.
You also have the possibility to position the scratch temporarily with pins.
Before applying the strips, clean and degrease the areas that will receive the scratch.
- Fix the scratch either by gluing it or by sewing it.
If the scratch is glued: the operation is delicate and irreversible.
Use a gel glue because it is easier to use.
Apply the glue to the entire surface of the scratch and the shoe using a spatula so as not to overflow.
- Position the scratch on the shoe.
- Apply pressure to the scratch, both inside and outside the shoe, to ensure that the entire surface is well bonded.
- Let the glue dry (time indicated on the glue tube).
- Check that this strip does not move.

This work is a little delicate but will bring comfort during your run in the desert.






Ultra-breathable material




95% Polyester 5% Spandex 100% Nylon
Machine wash at 30°
Do not iron. Do not tumble dry.



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