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A bunch of runners, trail runners, cyclists, tri-athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, hikers and first-timers passionate about living new adventures and experiences. We believe that less is more and that the right product with the right features will allow you, no matter your fitness level, to have the best experience and, most importantly, to focus on enjoying new adventures for as long as you want.





It all began in 2009 when a group of passionate runners participated in the Marathon des Sables®, a 250 km stage race through the Sahara desert. We realized that the race equipment on offer was not suitable for self-sufficiency stage races and extreme conditions.



After two years of brainstorming, headaches and conceptualization, we released our first product. The UltraBag 20L was born: the first backpack designed for stage races in a desert environment. With 20 patented innovations, the bag was a major success at the Marathon des Sables®, just like its little brother designed for the Ultra-Trail Mont Blanc®, released the following year.

The UltraBag 20L paved the way for the development of new technical outdoor products.



Two years after its launch, this backpack inspired the creation of an innovative and different brand, made by and for passionate outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds, looking for new experiences and adventures: WAA "What An Adventure" was born. Our roots are based on the idea that running is not only a physical challenge, but also a spiritual journey, and that the easiest and more comfortable your equipment is, the more enjoyable this journey will be.

With this mindset, we launched the Ultra Carrier Shirt: the only running shirt on the market that allows you to carry enough equipment for runs up to 5 hours without a backpack. The shirt can lower your marathon finish time bellow a 4h or 3h target, since you don't have to stop at any checkpoint.



The spiritual journey begins – WAA becomes an official partner of the Half Marathon des Sables Series®, a 120km stage adventure across the most beautiful parts of the world. A major turn point in the brand development, it allowed us to not only offer products, but also offer unique experiences to our community of both beginner and experienced runners.



Taking pride in challenging the status quo and with the same spirit that brought innovations to the world of running, we developed the Protektor Skin® cycling bib and jersey. The first cycling and gravel equipment integrating protection pads with a highly resistant patented fabric, they protect your body in case of falling, while preserving 100% freedom of movement.