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By compressing as you drink, the Ultra Flask 500mL will no longer take up any space in your backpack.

Easy Open&Fill System : Easy opening and filling for quick refuelling. Also, the wide opening makes it easier and more convenient to fill your flask in streams and other water points encountered during your adventures. The same applies to fill it with your energy drink powder.

Fast Clean&Dry System : Practical and easy cleaning system: wide opening to clean the flask with a brush. Then, the notch at the bottom of the flask allows it to be hung upside down, which makes drying very convenient.

Durability System : No angle is present on this flask to resist the most demanding conditions and avoid any breakthrough.

The composition in BPA and PVC FREE guarantees a neutral taste.

The Ultra Flask 500mL is compatible with the Ultra Bag Pro 5L. (1 flask in each front pocket) and the Ultra Carrier Shirt 2.0 (2 flaks in the back pocket).

  • Easy Open&Fill System : wide opening for precise and easy filling

  • Fast Clean&Dry System : wide opening to clean the flask + drip tray to hang and dry the flask quickly
  • Durability System : flask resistant to the conditions and shocks that can be encountered in the mountains
  • Neutral taste : BPA + PVC FREE composition 

Capacity : 500mL

Weight : 42g

Composition : BPA and PVC FREE

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