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WAA Spirit

WAA what an adventure

Fashion but extreme

Our obsession: develop products designed for and around sportsmen. Our marketing never gets in the way of the quality of our products nor the realities of the trails. We use our products in our own adventures, and thus in yours.

Whether it comes to spending hours, or even days in the most inhospitable environments in the world, simply training on the trails behind your house, or having a fashionable equipment ready for the urban life, we took the gamble to meet these extremes. With only one goal: make every athlete happy and confident.

Foolproof comfort

At WAA, your comfort is our priority. In sports, comfort often rhymes with lightness and practicality. That’s the reason why we give a special attention to the weight and the compressibility of the material we use to develop every of our products.

We firmly believe that every gram, every centimeter won makes a huge difference in the feeling we have as athletes. And this happens whether we are amateur sportsmen searching for maximum comfort in our daily practice or experienced athletes aiming for the top places on the hardest races of the planet.

Pleasure and freedom

Sport is all about pleasure. At WAA, we try and instill this idea of pleasure, freedom, at each stage of development of our products.

We are just like children when we receive the latest prototypes of our products under development. We have a large smile when we go out and test them in real conditions. We want the same smile on your face when you open your WAA package, when you put on your shirt or fill your bag. And we want this smile to be even larger when you come home after your training all dressed-up in WAA.

Welcome in the adventure.

The WAA Team