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Protektor Skin® Jersey

The WAA Protektor Skin® jersey is innovation at its finest.

To ensure your safety on the open road, your clothes are as important as your helmet. WAA has developed a protective combination of H2PE® fiber - a revolutionary fiber that does not tear - and H2PA® foam, which absorbs and distributes the initial shock from falls.

Our jersey is highly performing, comfortable and perfectly adapted to cycling on the road, whether for leisure or for ultra endurance competitions!

FIBER H2PE * (* High Performance Polyethylene)

H2PE® fiber is used to manufacture bullet-proof vests:

- Unique protection against abrasion: 1.3 x stronger than Kevlar®

- Unmatched lightness: 1.9 x lighter than Cordura®

- Perfect breathability, unlike other untearable fibers

- Composition: 66% high density Polyethylene, 34% Elasthan

FOAM H2PA * (High Performance Pad Absorption)

Outstanding flexibility for total freedom of movement

Thermal Plastic Elastomer: 100%

A micro-perforated structure that allows for an ideal ventilation

Density: 0.19-0.23 g/cubic centimeter

Maximum comfort protection - Thickness: 2mm

Brand: Waa Ultra