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Rachel Sklar

Rachel Sklar




I have always chosen to take the road less travelled. The trail before me has strengthened my mindsets, tested my heart and it has lit a fire in my soul. It has taught me that quitting is not an option, it is a trait. You give it your all and only your all. If you don’t quit here you will not quit anywhere. That is what builds dreams, breaks thresholds and what redefines possible.

Running to me is not a sport but rather it is something that flows through my body on a cellular level. If when you wake and go to sleep, running is the only thing coursing through your mind, you know that it’s part of your chemistry. Running is freedom of the soul. Freedom lies in being bold and different. I believe we were placed on the earth not be the same as everyone but to be trail blazers. The real battle isn’t won in the competitions, they are won in the thousands of hours on the trails and in the gym. The 4AM workouts when everyone else is sleeping. Enduring the snow, the rain, the heat and the winds. This uphill battle is the road less taken. That’s what creates resilient mindsets and an inspiration to the world. Motto in life:

There is no “we” in Chocolate! Just kidding!

My real motto: Your speed doesn't matter, forward is forward

My 2019 year is about redefining what is possible. It has one sole message “be bold in the face of adversity” and inspire others to go boldly into the unknown.