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WAA EXPERTS- RECRUITMENT CAMPAIGN   Formulario en español aquí drapeau esp

The recruitment campaign is now over. WAA wanted to thanks all of you. Every candidate will receive an answer before December the 15 th.

1/ Opening of the WAA TEAM, multisport

The Waa team is getting bigger and out of the box! Whatever your outdoor activity, you have your chance. If you are cool, if you like to overcome challenges, if you like to wake up before the sun rises Sunday morning to wake up hinds (or the chamois), so we were made to meet each other.


2/ Aim of this new team

The team of WAA experts, it’s a network of passionate people who already prove themselves. Following our champions and historical experts, help us to promote around the world our revolutionary products. Ultra-Carrier Shirt, Ultra Bag PRO, 10 L, 20L, Ultra Rain Set… our range is technical, fashion, very comfortable and shaped to the liberty.


3/ Who can apply?

Anyone old enough to think, often practicing an outdoor activity, a bit crazy, man or woman, young or old BUT addicted. You are familiar with the social networks, you like to tell story and take pictures… you can go to the next step and fill the below questionnaire.


4/The eligible sports

No limit! You are running ultra-trail or trail without « ultra »? Ok for us. What you like is the paraglide, get down canyons, wingsuit, ski or swim run? Ok for us. Your adventure, it’s the Sunday morning footing, a marathon from time to time or even a 5km « giving the best you can »? Ok for us. A bike ride from time to time? Everyday? All right. Triathlon? Ironman? Yes! Let’s just say something: create your own outdoor sport and there are chances it will be ok.

xaa ultra waa expert


5/ When? : From Friday 30 October to Monday 30 November 2015

Everyone has a chance but the selection will be tough. As you understood, you only have 30 days to apply. One month to express yourself. Then, it will be too late.


6/ What we are expecting from you/ what we are offering

As a WAA expert, you will be equipped to represent the brand, you test our products sometimes even before they are sold and participate to its improvement and/or future innovation. As a WAA expert, you will explain our products, on the social networks as well as in real life. Before everything, as a WAA expert, you will convey our values: the sense of the adventure, the accessibility, the extreme requirement, the coolness.


7/ Inscription conditions + questionnaire

We present ourselves, so now it is your turn. The journey of the WAArrior is starting right now with this questionnaire. Fill it conscientiously, we want to know everything!


8/This information can interest one of your friend?

Transfer it.