HMDS - Fire Starter Cube

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Ultra-practical fire starter cubes for your outdoor adventures, day hikes or bivouacs, as well as for stage races such as the HALF MARATHON DES SABLES.

Made of ecological and natural materials (a mixture of wood and vegetable wax), these fire starter are ultralight and odourless.

They are authorized by the majority of the airline companies. In case of doubt, ask your carrier to avoid any inconvenience.

How to use it:
To heat your water and prepare freeze-dried meals, place 2 fire starter on your stove, light them and place your pot on top.
The cubes will burn for 8 to 10 minutes.

100% natural

- Firelighting cubes made of coniferous sawdust and vegetable oils

- FSC certified and compliant with EN 1860-3

- Pack of 32 cubes

- Weight: 0,185kg/package

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