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A unique, lightweight, comfortable, durable and ultra-complete backpack.

A backpack designed for adventure and autonomy

In 2009, after running the MARATHON DES SABLES Legendary, the WAA brand founder started looking for the perfect backpack for this type of adventure. Not finding it, he decided to create it.

After several years of development, the Ultra Bag 20L was born: an ultra-complete backpack, full of innovative features, comfortable, light and resistant.

Since its creation, the Ultra Bag 20L has continued to grow thanks to the feedback of those who have put it to the test in their most extreme adventures.

Today, the Ultra bag 20L is THE reference backpack for long distance adventures, like the HALF MARATHON DES SABLES, and many others.


Bag composition

The Ultra Bag 20L includes:
- The backpack with its many features (explained in this page)
- 2 belt pockets of 1 liter (on the right of the picture)
- 2 x 800 mL water bottles
- A waterproof bag cover (located in a pocket under the bag)



The Ultra Bag 20L is available in different colors: yellow, mint light, pink, orange and blue!


Main pocket - 270° opening

The Ultra Bag 20L has a main compartment with a capacity of 20L, with a 270° opening. This opening allows an easy storage of the equipment, and also a fast access, without having to empty the bag.


Two chest pockets

The Ultra Bag 20L is composed of 2 chest pockets, in the shape of a belt, with a capacity of 1 liter each.

These pockets allow you to store small equipment that will remain accessible all the time. This avoids having to remove the backpack to get access to the material during your adventures.
They are removable if needed.


Water bottle holder pockets

Two pockets placed on the straps of the Ultra Bag 20L can hold WAA water bottles of 800mL capacity. These bottles are provided with the bag.

This system allows you to hydrate easily during the effort, without having to take the bottles out of their pockets.

An elastic band keeps the water bottle in place to prevent any movement.


Removable waterproof interior pocket

You will find a waterproof pocket inside the bag. It will allow you to organize the equipment in the bag. The weight of this pocket will be supported by the shoulders, allowing to relieve the lower back.

You'll be able to store food, wet stuff, and any other equipment you want to isolate from the rest of the bag's contents.


Interior net

The main pocket of the Ultra Bag 20L has a mesh divider that allows you to organize your equipment. You can store folded clothes, small accessories, but also a book, documents, computer, etc.


Pocket on top of the bag

A zipped pocket on the top of the bag allows you to store smaller, more fragile stuff, which will remain easily accessible.


2 interior pockets

Two pockets are located in the interior part of the backpack, allowing to store other small equipment, papers, or other.


Exterior mesh pockets

Two pockets are located on the back of the bag, allowing you to store equipment outside, which will remain more easily accessible.


Carrying elastics

The elastic bands under the bag allow you to carry a small mattress, a sleeping bag, or other large equipment.


Compression elastics

The side elastic bands on the Ultra Bag 20L compress the bag so that the equipment inside stays in place.

They can also carry stuff like clothes, small shoes, sticks, or whatever, by sliding the desired equipment under the elastics and then squeezing them in.


Waterproof and reflective bag cover

In case of bad weather or low light, whether in the city or in nature, you can use the reflective and water-repellent bag cover of the Ultra Bag 20L.

It's stored in a discreet pocket placed under the bag.


Emergency whistle

A emergency whistle is integrated into the bag. It is located on the chest strap in case of need.


Integrated bib holder

4 elastics placed on the back of the Ultra Bag 20L allow you to attach a bib. Either by attaching the number directly to the elastic, or with a safety pin.


Ultra-resistant materials

In order to resist to extreme conditions and follow you for many years, the Ultra Bag 20L has been designed with ultra-technical and resistant materials.

It only weighs 640g (excluding accessories - 870g with accessories) thanks to its ultra-light materials.



Comfort foams are placed in the back and shoulders to allow you to carry the bag for hours without pain on the support points.


Breathable chimney

For maximum breathability in the back, the protective foams of the Ultra Bag 20L are placed in such a way that heat can be evacuated through the hollow in the middle of the back.


Back foam

A foam back is placed on the back of the bag. It allows the bag to maintain an upright shape and gives you extra protection to your stuff in the bag.

For adventurers, this removable foam can be removed, and used at night as a mini floor mat, to relieve contact with your shoulders or hips.


Water bag system

A hole placed at the top of the bag is designed to pass a water tube, water bag.
So if you need more water packaging, it's provided.

Elastics placed on the shoulder straps will allow you to secure the water pouch tube.


Customized settings

The Ultra Bag 20L's chest clip system allows you to move the strap attachment points to where you feel most comfortable. This way, you get the best possible support for your body shape, and avoid any discomfort in the chest area.


Load reminder

Straps allow to hang the back part of the bag on the top of the shoulders. Thus, the weight of the bag will not be supported only by the lower back, but also by the shoulders.


Storage loops

For a smooth look and to avoid tangled wires, the Ultra Bag 20L has small clips to store any excessively long straps once you have made your adjustments.


Front pack

For more carrying capacity, there's a front pack, with a 4-liter capacity, that you can attach to the straps of the Ultra Bag 20L, when you're going on longer adventures.

Check out the Ultra Bag 20L front pack here.


Beacon attachments

The Ultra Bag 20L is equipped with beacon attachments, making it easy to attach GPS beacons for races such as the MARATHON DES SABLES..


City mode: pockets

For everyday use, the water bottle pockets can be transformed into normal pockets. Easily accessible and closing with a zip, these pockets are very practical to store cell phone, keys, papers and other small objects.


City mode: removable straps

Depending on the context in which it is used, it is possible to adjust the composition of the Ultra Bag 20L. Indeed, the 2 belly pockets provided with the bag are removable, as well as most of the straps, which allows to adjust the carrying capacity of the bag, and also to wear it in town, with a refined look.



Weight: 640g without accessories / 870g with accessories
Bag capacity: 20L
Capacity belly pockets: 2x1L
Dimensions: 45x37x12 cm



Ultra-light 640g (without accessories)


Ultra-resistant materials


Adjustable to every body shape


100% nylon composition.
Machine wash at 30° with similar colors.
Do not tumble dry, let air dry.



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