CARBON 200 Trekking poles

140,83 €
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WAA Ultra has developed the CARBON 200 Trekking poles to provide you with the best equipment on all your outdoor adventures.

- Natural distribution of body weight
- Improved balance and stability
- Joint comfort and safety

The trekking poles are essential for any outdoor enthusiast. Whether in the snow, in the mountains or on the sand, the CARBON 200 Trekking poles will help you in any situation.

Lightweight (carbon composition) & retractable (up to 65cm), you can easily carry them and use them for the most intense parts of your adventures. With their antiperspirant cork handles, they bring comfort and safety.

Whether you're going uphill, downhill, or on flat terrain, they will be a great support during your outdoor adventures. With their resistant tungsten carbide tips, they are ideal for slippery and uneven terrain.

The CARBON 200 Trekking poles come with spare washers (for snowy conditions or in the sand) and spare rubber tips (when walking on asphalt and to protect them during transport).

- Ultra-lightweight materials
- Durable and resistant tips
- Adjustable length
- All kind of terrains
- Comfortable handles with a great grip

- Weight: 200g per stick
- Carbon composition
- Retractable
- Cork handles for a better grip
- Adjustable length from 65 to 135 cm
- Tungsten carbide tips
- Spare washers
- Spare rubber tips