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The innovative WAA Protektor Skin® bib shorts are the only shorts that provide double protection against falls.

To ensure your safety, what you're wearing is as important as your helmet. WAA has developed a protective combination of H2PE® fiber – a revolutionary fiber that reduces burn risk up to 40% - and H2PA® foam, which absorbs and distributes the initial shock from falls up to 23%.

Our shorts are ultra-efficient, comfortable, and perfectly adapted to cycling on the road, whether you're out for leisure or for ultra-endurance competitions!

FIBER H2PE * (* High Performance Polyethylene)

Reduces risk of burn by 40%.

H2PE® fiber is used to manufacture bullet-proof vests:

- Unique protection against abrasion: 1.3 x stronger than Kevlar®

- Unmatched lightness: 1.9 x more than Cordura®

- Perfect breathability, unlike some protective fibers

- Composition: 66% Polyethylene high density, 34% Elasthan

FOAM H2PA * (High Performance Pad Absorption)

Reduces impact by 23%

Outstanding flexibility for total freedom of movement

Thermal Plastic Elastomer 100%

A micro-perforated structure that allows perfect ventilation

Density: 0.19-0.23 g/cubic centimeter

Maximum comfort protection - Thickness: 2mm

HP3D * (High Performance Triple Density) CHAMOIS SKIN - made in Italy

Form-fitting memory gel

Triple density polyurethane for optimal comfort

Breathable and antibacterial

Tested under extreme conditions and endurance events (BikingMan, 700km/13000 D+)

H2PE® fiber integrated at the hip - 17x15 cm

Removable H2PA® foam on the hip - 17x15 cm

Designed for maximum freedom of movement

Impeccable support at the thighs

Arched mesh straps

High performance chamois leather made in Italy

Stretch shorts at the front for easier relief

Thighs and pelvis: 90% Polyester - 10% Elasthan

Hips: H2PE® - 66% High Density Polyethylene

Find your size

Waist(PO) Hip(PO)

S 74-80 90-96

M 81-86 97-102

L 87-92 103-108

XL 93-98 109-113

XXL 99-101 114-117

How to measure

Men Bottom
  • Waist

    Measure around the narrowest part of the waist, keeping the tape horizontally.

  • Hips

    Measure around the fullest part of your hips, keeping the tape horizontal.

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